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Hot Pepper Basket of Fire

Hot Pepper Basket of Fire


A compact semi-trailing plant that produces a prolific crop of small, hot fruits. The fruits mature from deep purple to cream, to orange then red at maturity. Ideal for containers and baskets. Will continue to fruit into Autumn and longer under glass with a Scoville heat rating of around 80000shu. Great fresh or dried and saved to give some warmth to a winter soup. 

  • How to Grow Chilli`s

    • Can be grown in large pots/containers, any large container with drainage holes drilled
    • Use well draining soil (Multi purpose compost is sufficient)
    • Requires a sunny spot
    • Keep Soil moist
    • Feed once per fortnight when flowers start to show with a high pot ash feed (tomato feed)
    • Skip feeds/Watering to stress plant and increase Chilli heat a few days before harvest
    • Using a pot slightly smaller than required can stress the plant and increase the heat
    • Stake where needed
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