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Fresh Seasonal Veg Box`s

Family run Market Garden & Plant Nursery in Lenham, Maidstone.

Our produce is grown as nature intended without artificial sprays or fertilisers.

We deliver fresh harvested Veg boxes weekly. 

Join our busy Veg box round for weekly/fortnightly/adhoc deliveries. 

Know where your food is grown?

Whats in a box?

Each Veg box delivered will contain fresh harvested seasonal produce made up of 11 items including potato`s, 2 types of fruit and 8 different Vegetable/Salad items.

The Box items will differ throughout the year based on what is in season. 

Carrots and assorted vegetable harvest, fresh organic vegetables, garden produce on farmer

Val, Grafty Green

“We were very impressed with the quantity and quality of the contents."

Pat, Maidstone

"The veg box scheme has been a life line this year and the quality is amazing.

My Christmas box has arrived and is just what we needed to have a great meal tomorrow"

Anna, Lenham

“ just been delivered and looks amazing."
Online Veg Box Order

One step closer to proper Veg!! 


Select an item (£)

Proper Veg, on its way !!

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