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Mixed Salad Pack

Mixed Salad Pack


Grow your own salad with this mix pack with x9 Cells of each variety, Little Gem, Green Salad Bowl, Red Salad Bowl and Cancan. Great for all salad lovers, Grow your own salad with this mix pack. 


Green/Red Salad Bowl - Forming large heads enough to fill a large Salad Bowl, a fast growing rosette with long, light green, deep cut leaves. Heat tolerant and very slow to bolt. Exellent crunchy fresh leaves, great for consitent harvesting of outer leaves or full head harvest


Little Gem - Praised through history for its healthy properties. Lettuce is a salad plant with a very delicate root system. There are many kinds of Lettuce to suit different climates. Sudden changes in temperature can leave the Lettuce open to disease. Little Gems are small and compact and are sweet and crunchy.


Cancan - Forms bright green lettuce with a frisee appearance. A non-hearting type can be'cut and come again' salad or full head harvest. Less likely to bolt during hot spells.


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