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Peas Oasis

Peas Oasis

Pea Oasis will produce a quality heavy yield. Each pod will average 8-9 green peas. Green peas need a previously manured soil bed that contains some lime and dolomite for a good yield. Plant seedlings 5cm apart in rows 10cm apart. All but dwarf varieties need support. When the seedlings are 8cm high stake them with short twigs. Tall varieties will need wire or netting to support them as they grow. Keep weeds down and water when dry. Pick the pods from the lower stems
  • How to Grow Legumes (Peas & Beans)

    • Loose moist fertile soil is best
    • Provide support with a trellis or netting
    • Avoid any high nitrogen feeds
    • Regular and greedy picking will produce more harvest
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