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Runner Beans Guinness World Record

Runner Beans Guinness World Record

The Guinness Record variety will produce extra Long pods and are red flowered. Runner beans are tender and don't like frost, They need a warm, sunny spot in well drained soil. Runner beans need a support to climb up. Keep an eye out for slugs and blackfly that may attack the plants.
  • Brassica Care

    • Add some lime to the soil as Brassica`s prefer an alkaline soil
    • Ensure the soil after diggging over is firmed in. You can walk up and down the soil to compact it down
    • Keep soil moist but not to wet
    • Cover crops to prevent pests such as Cabbage White Butterfly (a builders debris netting is often used)
    • a high nitrogen feed (chicken manire pellets) when planting and again early september will increase crop size
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