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Spring Onions White Lisbon

Spring Onions White Lisbon

Spring Onions are very young onions that are harvested before the bulb has had a chance to swell. The small white bulbs and the long slender, leafy tops can be eaten raw or cooked. Milder than other onions they are a delicious accompaniment to summer salads. Although it is an immature onion it likes the same conditions to grow as other onions. which is in a cool climate. White Lisbon is reliable and hardy and is quick and easy to grow.
  • How to grow Sweet Pepper

    • Can be grown in large pots/containers, any large container with drainage holes drilled
    • Use well draining soil (Multi purpose compost is sufficient)
    • Requires a sunny spot
    • Keep Soil moist 
    • Feed once per week when flowers start to show with a high pot ash feed (tomato feed)
    • Stake where needed
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